City Seal and Logo


Offical SealThe official seal of the city remained basically the same since its inception and adoption during those “Villa de Lipa” days through the present times.  The figures, inscriptions and colors have remained the same except for the words “Villa de Lipa” which had been changed to the “City of Lipa” appropriate to the times and the “Escudo” to “Official Seal” as naturally as it should follow.

Within the sphere is a rectangle divided into three (3) parts.  The upper portion has two (2) parts of equal size and the lower portion which make up one dominant rectangle.  The upper right rectangle colored red symbolizes bravery and has a figure of a hammer and anvil which stand for industry.  The upper left rectangle with a white hue representing purity, has the combined figures of a cross, heart and an anchor.  These represent the three (3) virtues namely:  The anchor for Esperanza (Hope), the cross for Fe (Faith) and the Heart for Caridad (Charity).  The lower rectangle colored Light Blue Sky representing Hope has the figures of a farmer and carabao.  The farmer and carabao stands for agriculture. A figure of mother nursing her child is seen under a tree.

The fact that the city is predominantly an agricultural community and its residents highly religious can be seen from the seal of the city itself.  The lower rectangle which dominates the seal characterizes the chief source of livelihood of the residents which is agriculture.  The industriousness of the Lipeños can also be gleaned from the inscription “Trabajo”, while the strong religious trait of the Lipeños implied in the inscription “Virtud” and the figures of the three (3) virtues impressed thereon.

The official seal of Lipa is a living symbol of what the city is and what its residents are.   It is a proof of the city’s personality which every Lipeño can be proud of.